With the passage of time and passage from one place to another, the family who came before us, weaves a story that is rich with history. Pieces of our family's story resides in us and tells us who we.

Genealogical Research Services

It's Family Passages' goal to connect you with the family who came before you by designing research projects to meet your objectives; providing efficient, accurate, well reasoned research, with easy to understand reports; and giving you value for your money.

We can help you build your family tree, whether you want to:

  • consult with us and do the research yourself;
  • get past a brick wall in your own research; or
  • have us do the research for you.

Family Passages specializes in Oregon and Southwest Washington genealogical research.

If you are interested in research from other parts of the country, we may still be able to do it or refer you to other professionals.

Feel free to ask and we will let you know what we can do to help.